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Truck Accident Attorney

Thousands of people die every year in accidents involving semi-trucks. Driving on a Nevada freeway usually means you are sharing the road with semi-trucks and that can be intimidating, even if you are only in the passing lane. Unfortunately, truck accidents often occur resulting in many injuries and deaths each year. The personal injury law firm of Little Law Group fights to obtain fair compensation for truck accident victims in Nevada.

Causes of Accidents

There are a number of reasons why accidents involving semi-trucks can occur. Given the size of the vehicle, the difference in the weight of the semi-truck and the other vehicle and the speed the vehicles are traveling at, accidents can result in very serious injuries and sometimes in fatalities. Common reasons for semi-truck accidents include: Driver Fatigue, Improper Maintenance, Distracted Driving, Driver Inexperience, Improper Loading, Adverse weather and road conditions, Overweight trailers.

Are There Laws and Regulations That Keep Trucks In Check?

Yes, there are. Multiple State and federal laws within Nevada recognize that large vehicles aren’t the easiest to control on the road. Without taking anything away from semi-truck and tractor-trailer drivers, however, the law tasks them with the responsibility of ensuring that other road users are safe whenever they drive past or alongside them. The law requires that:


• No truck should carry a freight whose weight surpasses its weight limit.

• All truck drivers have a special license that shows how qualified he/she is to drive such a heavy vehicle.

• Truck companies set hourly driving limits for their drivers. Drivers, on the other hand, are supposed to

abide by these limits at all times.

• Trucks are well-maintained and inspected as per the relevant laws.


How Little Law Group Handles Truck Accident Injuries

The experienced semi-truck accident attorneys at Little Law Group know that truck companies have their own adjusters, investigators and lawyers who will conduct an analysis of the accident. It is important and beneficial for you to contact our attorneys who can thoroughly investigate the matter.  If you are involved in a truck accident you have options, especially if the accident was not your fault.

Contact Little Law Group today if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident.

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