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Slip and Fall Accident

In Las Vegas, slip and fall accidents are very common. Especially on the Las Vegas Strip. Although commercial and residential property owners have a responsibility to offer everyone in the building a safe environment, the owners are not always responsible if a slip and fall injury should occur. Slip and fall injuries are being reported every day, but the victims are somewhat limited on options and are not always compensated fairly. Most of them are left with a big financial burden from having to miss work from the pain and suffering they have to endure that was caused by the accident. If you have been affected by a dangerous condition at a residentual property or a place of business, it is your right to be compensated fairly for any pain that you might of suffered.


How can Slip and Fall Accident Victims be Compensated?

Little Law Group is a well-established law firm that represents Slip and Fall Accident victims in Las Vegas. NV and the entire Clark County area. We have a team of experienced attorneys who are excellent at getting favorable settlements for our client's who have been injured from a slip and fall injury. Whether you want compensation for wage loss, medical expenses, pain, and suffering or other expenses, we can help you.


We have a great track record of successfully getting positive results for our clients who are victims of Slip and Fall Accidents. The most recent case we secured was a $250,000 settlement for a client who is a victim of a slip and fall accident in a casino. As well as a $225,000 settlement for a slip and fall injury at a supermarket. 


The main causes of slip and fall injuries

Most slip and fall injuries are as a result of slippery surfaces, raised flooring, poorly lit walkways, ripped carpeting, cluttered pathways, and lack of warning signs. To a certain degree, the slip and fall victims are protected by the buildings liability law. Although, it can be hard to prove that the building owner was negligent. You need to show that he or she (building owner) was aware of the unsafe condition and failed to correct it leading to the accident.


In Slip and Fall Accident claims, there are several factors involved. First, the victim needs to prove whether he or she was invited to the premises. Also, the building owner can repair or correct the hazardous conditions soon after the accident. This means it might be challenging to have enough evidence for your case. Once you fall, it is vital that you collect enough evidence to support your claim.

How Little Law Group helps Slip and Fall Victims

First, Little Law Group will access the case to determine whether the building owners are responsible for the accident. For instance, did they provide enough warning signs to show that the place was unsafe? Once we establish the building owners are responsible, we will look and interviews several witnesses, evaluate the accident, and determine all the circumstances involved. Then our experienced attorneys will do a comprehensive evaluation of your claim and start negotiations with the insurance company. The insurance company should offer a fair settlement. But if the settlement is not pleasing, we will argue the case in court to ensure you get fair compensation.


Why contact Little Law Group

We are well known for fighting for the rights of Slip and Fall Accident victims. If you are looking for a reliable law firm that will ensure you get fair financial compensation due to a slip and fall accident that occurred at the restaurant, hotel, mall, office building, theater, or private or public building, Call Us today or fill out the form below to schedule your Free consultation.

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