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Uber and Lyft Ride Share Accident Attorney

With the rise of Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share companies over the last few years, a new category of vehicular accidents and personal injuries have also come into light. Therefore, since accidents involving rideshare vehicles can have complex insurance coverage issues,  Little Law Group can offer their advanced skills and years of experience in these complex personal injury cases.


Not only is Little Law Group on the cutting-edge of personal injury issues, they are always well-prepared and available to assist clients who have difficulties as a result of the incidents. Although many people who use and even depend on ride sharing, there are those who have had or are currently facing the exact opposite problems with the very services of ride-sharing. This is where Little Law Group comes in! We are always ready to take your side and vigorously defend your rights when such difficulties arise.


Apparent Advantages Of Ride Sharing

The rideshare industry has exploded in popularity over the years because of the safety, reliability and convenience of being picked up at the swipe of a finger and tap of a button. Within minutes, you are picked up by companies such as Uber (est. 2009) and Lyft (est. 2012) The many apparent advantages to the consumer, include the following:

•             less time consuming way of transportation

•             Instant and more secure payment solutions

•             Option of cheaper carpool trips

•             Lack of necessity to wait outside in inclement weather

•             Ability to order a particular type of available car, such as an SUV

•             Cheaper than traditional taxis or owning a car


Insurance and requirements For Ride Sharing

Ride Share companies have their own team of lawyers connected with insurance companies that settle their claims,  As with other driver’s insurance, however, it is often necessary for those who suffer personal injuries in ride-share vehicles to take legal action with the expert assistance of a personal injury attorney in order to receive the full compensation they deserve.


Requirements For Uber And Lyft Drivers

In order to be a driver for either Uber or Lyft, drivers must meet the following criteria:

•             Be at least 21 years of age at the time of application

•             Have a valid U.S. driver’s license

•             Have at least 3 years of driving experience

•             Have a clean driving record

•             Pass a background check

•             Have a car that seats 4 or more (excluding the driver), and passes a company inspection

•             Have in-state plates and current car registration

Despite the numerous precautions Uber and Lyft take, there are some ways in which these companies are less proactive than traditional taxi-cab companies.


Risks Of Ride Sharing

Controversy surrounds the safety of ride-sharing especial when compared to traditional cab transportation. For example the amount  of tests the drivers have to undergo. The primary concern is that in many places, including Nevada, Uber and Lyft drivers do not have to be fingerprinted as other cab drivers do. Rideshare repeats that it’s drivers are safer than traditional cabbies, and that it fires drivers who accumulate poor feedback (unlike traditional cabbies, these drivers are rated by their customers) or records of accident. Which contradicts, government officials who emphasize that there is a deterrent effect to being required to undergo a national background check. An additional risk may be perceived in the fact that drivers hired by Uber and Lyft are never personally interviewed.

Despite the low incidents reported to date, there does not appear to be a comprehensive list of car accidents or crimes involving ride- sharing vehicles. Some even beg to differ and feel that many accidents occur more frequently than has been reported. Also, there have been reports of many injuries and fatalities involving Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as incidents of threatened and/or actual theft, kidnapping, and physical and sexual assault. There have also been cases in which imposters with ill intent have posed as drivers employed by Uber or Lyft.

Until further investigation towards the allegations are completed, it is quit unclear how different the risk of riding in a traditional taxi compares to the risk of ride sharing. Hence the importance of awareness in the risks out there with ride sharing as well as in other forms of public transportation. Honestly, we hope you will never need a personal injury attorney as a result of ride sharing,  but if you do please find comfort and reassurance in the fact Little Law Group is always ready to have your back! Without the help of Little Law Group attorneys, you may feel overwhelmed by the complexities of your personal injury claim and we guarantee that our team will relentlessly seek fair compensation for you.


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