History of Las Vegas, NV

Who would have imagined that a desert town would turn to be the center of entertainment of the world? Las Vegas is not just a spectacular city but captivating one as well. Due to many adult clubs and mega casinos, gambling was legalized in the year 1931.


From that time, everything about Las Vegas, Nevada changed. Many big casinos have been established, big hotels opened, and mega entertainment shows beyond anyone imaginations are found in Las Vegas. Below is a brief history of Las Vegas, Nevada.


The History of Las Vegas, Nevada


1905: Las Vegas was established as a city in 1905 when a land belonging to the railroad was auctioned. When San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake railroad linked Southern California with the Salt Lake City, Las Vegas was established as a railroad town. Due to water availability in the area, Las Vegas became a perfect refueling point and also a rest stop for many people.


1922: Las Vegas continued to attract many people and prominent investors. And in 1922, Historic-West Las Vegas was built. It was the first grammar school in the West-Las Vegas. Today, the school is listed among the city’s historic properties.


1941: The Las Vegas Army-Air Field was built in 1941. Later several hotels and resorts were constructed. The El-Rancho Vegas hotel-casino came to be first themed resort on the Strip. Then Las-Frontier was opened in 1942, Flamingo in 1946, and Thunderbird in 1948.


1950: On significant streets such as The Strip and Fremont Street, several big building, casinos, and hotels were constructed. One of the historic building in downtown Las Vegas is the U.S Post Office and Courthouse. The building is still in use and the home of the Mob Museum. People who visit the Museum learn a lot about Las Vegas, especially about the organized crime in Las Vegas.


1966: The Strip and Fremont Street are the main areas with beautiful hotels, casinos, and entertaining shows. During this time, Howard-Hughes managed to purchase many hotels and other business in Las Vegas. And his involvement helped in paving the way for corporate ownership of casino and hotels.


1985: In the mid-1980s, there was extraordinary growth in the city. From the population to entertainment places, Las Vegas became a recognized city all over the world. Many international hotels were built, mega casinos were established, and adult entertainment shows doubled throughout the city.


1995: In this year, the great Fremont-Street Experience was opened. It is a canopy that provides visitors with an outstanding sound and light show. And in 2007, the 3-block area was opened to invite more non-gaming clubs, entertainment spots, and cocktail lodges to the city.


Today: Las Vegas has numerous mega hotels with big malls, class arts, nightclubs and many entertainment options. Some of the great places you can visit in Las Vegas include the Paris Hotel, the Strip, Fremont Street Experience, Bellagio Resort & Fountain Show, Erupting Volcano in Mirage Hotel, the Mob Museum, Neon Museum, and many other remarkable places. The city has many galleries and museums for people to learn about the area and the state of Nevada.

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