10 Famous Attractions in Las Vegas, NV

People go for vacations with family or friends for enjoyment and relaxation. Even though there are many cities to visit, Las Vegas is one of the best places to go. The city is known as the entertainment capital of the universe for famous attractions. Apart from shopping, dining, and gambling, there are many other great things you can do or see in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Las Vegas is famous for excitement and fun. Several outstanding hotels attract many people to visit the city. There are also erupting volcanoes, dancing fountains, and many other great attractions. Below are ten famous attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada.


10 Famous attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada


10. Excalibur Hotel - This is one fantastic hotel in Las Vegas that attracts many people. It is unique and has outstanding amenities you can imagine. The entertainment is high-class and has a large pool area you might not find anywhere else in Nevada.


9. Las Vegas Motor - Speedway If you are a fan of fast cars, you need to consider visiting Las Vegas Motor-Speedway. It is located a few miles northeast of the Strip. It also features many great restaurants and nightclub as well. It is home to Nascar Races and many other famous racing events.


8. Las Vegas Indoor - skydiving This is one event that offers a fantastic experience. If you are visiting the place for the first time, you are assured to experience different skydiving. There is no parachute or airplane involved. Besides, no experience needed.


7. Stratosphere Tower - One clear sight of Las Vegas is the Stratosphere tower. The Stratosphere is unique and provides numerous heart-pounding rides that include Big Shot, Insanity, Sky Jump and many more. For people who do not like heights, there are outdoor and indoor decks.


6. Neon Museum - This is one of the most memorable sights for Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a museum that preserves the city’s history. Many historical items, literature, and signs explain more about the city and the surrounding areas.


5. Mirage Hotel (Erupting Volcano & Secret Garden) - The Mirage hotel is a famous place and one of the top attractions of Las Vegas. In front of the hotel, there is a volcano that erupts regularly. Inside the resort, there is Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden.


4. Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower - This is one of the easily recognized in the city of Las Vegas. It is unique, attractive and below the tower, there is a romantic restaurant.


3. Caesar’s Palace - Caesar’s Palace is a known resort in Las Vegas for its unique entertainment options. Many great performers perform at the palace.


2. MGM Grand - Hotel MGM Grand Hotel is an exceptional place that is one of the most prominent hotels in Las Vegas. It has all amenities for all visitors. Also, there are several restaurants, an excellent pool area, and many entertainment options.


1. The Strip - The Strip is a long section of Las Vegas that runs from the northeast to southwest. It has many entertainment joints, several luxury rooms, and outstanding nightclubs. Many people enjoy walking and taking pictures along the Strip. It is one of the top attractions of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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