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Drunk Driving Accidents

Little Law Group in Las Vegas, Nevada represents DUI/DWI Victims

In the state of Nevada, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and Driving under the influence (DUI) or Drinking while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious crime. No need to mention how extremely dangerous it is and can cause serious injury or death. In the unfortunate event you find yourself or loved one injured in an accident caused by a person under the influence, we highly recommend that you use the services of an experienced and competent Law firm.


Civil Lawsuit for DUI/DWI

It is important to be represented by an attorney who is well-positioned to assess the validity of your claim while providing you with information to take the right course of action. An efficient attorney will uphold your rights and make certain that you receive financial recovery as well as justice.

If you or a loved one are injured by a driver under the influence, you can file a civil lawsuit. The driver with a DUI/DWI does not need to be convicted for you to pursue a civil claim against them because the burden of proof is significantly lower in a civil proceeding as compared to that of a criminal proceeding. You may be awarded restitution damages by the court in case the intoxicated driver gets convicted.

We understand that it can be overwhelming, that is why It is important to seek the right help to file the correct suit. If the accident resulted in death of a loved one, the lawsuit can be filed by the next of kin.

A civil suit is quite different from criminal proceedings which will be sought by the city or the state against the offending driver. You may be entitled to receive the following:

  • Compensatory Damages- These are going to consist of the past as well as future medical related expenditures, forfeited salaries, property damages, as well as earning capacity, not to mention an award for your sufferings and distress.

  • Punitive Damages- In case the offending driver who was responsible for the mishap has been charged with a BAC of at least 0.08%, these damages are designed to punish the irresponsible conduct of the driver financially.

  • Wrongful Demise- In case a family member died as a result, the victim's nearest surviving family member will be able to file an illegitimate death lawsuit so as to recuperate the damages for medicinal bills, which have incurred before the demise, forfeited future income, funeral expenses, damages to properties, loss of services and care, not to mention mental suffering as well.



Why Is It Essential To Call The Little Law Group

We are confident that Little Law Group is the best team to represent you because:

  • Our team is highly experienced in personal injury claims

  • We understand you may feel stress, emotional or physical pain, as well as financial burdens from the accident

  • We will provide you with the required knowledge to take the correct course of action

  • We will take every measure to enable you receive full and fair monetary compensation

At Little Law Group, you do not have to pay until your claim becomes effective. Personal Injury claims are time sensitive and failure to act quickly can have a negative impact on the outcome. Therefore, we urge you to call our office for a free consultation or fill out the Contact Form on our official site!


DUI/DWI in Nevada

Failure to submit to a breath, blood or urine test as directed by a police officer results in a driver's license revocation of at least one year. A blood sample can be drawn involuntarily if the officer obtains a warrant or court order.

  • Legal Limits  .08 percent blood alcohol level or any detectable amount of a controlled substance. (.02 if under 21, .04 in commercial driving)

  • Driver's license revoked for at least 90 days upon arrest.

  • Vehicle may be impounded.


These are administrative penalties which are taken immediately. Courts impose additional criminal penalties upon conviction. The 2017 Nevada Legislature passed new laws requiring all DUI suspects to install ignition interlock devices as a condition of receiving a restricted driver's license.


NRS 41.133, "Conviction of criminal offense is conclusive proof of details required to enforce civil liability for any related injuries." explains, "in case any culprit has been charged with the crime that triggered the victim's injury, the judgment of conviction will be the conclusive proof of all the details required for imposing civil liability for that injury". The regulations imposed by Las Vegas, Nevada, likewise permits the authorities to sue the intoxicated driver for causing damages.

NRS 42.010, “it’ll be possible for the plaintiff apart from the compensatory damages to recoup any damage for example’s sake and also by means of taking punitive measures against the offender”.

In case you have been afflicted with any personal injury or have lost any of your near and dear ones in a drunk driving mishap and want to sue for injuries or any illegal demise in a civil court, it will be imperative to take the services of an experienced and competent trial car accident attorney.


Why Is It Essential To Call The Little Law Group For Your Drunk Driving Mishap Claim?

The lawyers at Little Law Group comprehend the fact that individuals can be affected with serious emotional, physical, as well as financial burdens because of a drunk driving accident. Our experienced lawyers will do their very best to overcome this challenge by providing you with the required knowledge, empathy, as well as enhanced personal service care. We will take every measure to enable you to get the maximum compensation. Moreover, we will be litigating the case in court in case the insurance company doesn’t come to a fair settlement.


At Little Law Group, you need not spend any money for paying the lawyers unless your claim is successful given that all types of accident cases are going to be dealt with on a contingency basis. It is important that you understand that the statute of the restrictions for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Las Vegas, Nevada is a couple of years from the date of the accident. In case either you or any of your near and dear ones has been injured seriously by a drunk driver make it a point to come in touch with our office right away where you’ll be offered a free consultation. Likewise you can fill out the Contact Form on our official site and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Drunk Driving Accident Victims Are Represented By Little Law Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is important to employ a lawyer so as to uphold your rights and also make certain that you receive your reimbursement for injuries caused by the accident. Please give a call to us for a free consultation where we will have an in-depth discussion of your case.

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